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We bring you the latest technology in Connectivity and Digital Twin.


We Revolutionized Connectivity and Digital Solutions

Increase Work Productivity

Work without interruptions and deliver on time

Bringing Everyone Closer

Connect with your loved ones seamlessly

Expert in the Industry

A lineup of expertise ready to work with you


We Aim for Greater Heights and Achievements

Quality Services

Supply good quality, competitive prices, and excellent services

Access for All

Accessible, affordable, secure, reliable and continuously available

Fibre Optic Solution

To be a reference in the industry for high-performance optical cables

Industry Expert

Maintain knowledgable infromation and skills in the fibre optic industry


Time For Upgrade,
Bringing The Future
Into Your Homes

Our optical fiber connectivity intertwines effortlessly with innovative digital twin solutions, shaping the future of connectivity and digital innovation.

Feels safe with home security

Utilizing innovative and smart technology to keep you and your family safe

Stay in touch with loved ones

Easily establish seamless connections with your loved ones or anyone, anytime

Upgrade to a smart home

Connect devices and products that allow for a smart lifestyle at home

Increasing your property value

Add values to your home with fast and reliable internet connectivity

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Digital Solution

Reliable and high-performance connectivity for your business operations and customers

Leverage digital twins to model scenarios, and adapt to market dynamics

Promote community involvement with high-speed fiber internet in public spaces

Transformation of urban areas into smart cities by leveraging digital twin technology

We Focus
on Quality

We emphasized on the quality of service in optic fibre and digital solution

GigCity: A Gigabit City Infrastructure, Improving Businesses and Industries

GigCity is bridging businesses and startups in Malaysia with Gbps speed and affordable internet connectivity. As of now GigCity is utilized in Cyberjaya.

Digital Twin: A Future Digitized Solution

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object, person, or process, contextualized in a digital version of its environment. Digital twins can help an organization simulate real situations and their outcomes, ultimately allowing it to make better decisions.

We collaborated to bring you a digital solution.


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